Just Passing threw

Four bedroom two story home with three baths barn a garage I help him from ground up our father was still alive after the house was built. Him and his wife wouldn’t let him set foot in it or my little Jack Russell dog he has a daughter that’s 56 years old that lives there with him she has three cats. I help built 75% of the Agent Orange organization for the Vietnam Veterans, did all the footwork in the web design and created the format to set up the staff after my brother went to Washington to make the metal, legal tenor for the Vietnam vets. Then my brother terminated me because I had a felon from growing pot he didn’t tell me they just ignored me so after all I’ve done for this organization this is how I get treated. I had to find out from my youngest son. So I’m a little skeptical about having to do anything with anybody, my brother apparently has all the attorneys and lawyers in Robeson County wrapped around his finger or some thing, none of them will touch me as far as putting this 2.9 acres in my name were i can leave it to my youngest son.

This was my fault when my father gave me the place I should have had the paperwork drawn up and had him sign it in front of an attorney. But I never Knew my brother was such a greedy S.O.B.

I feel Like his family or buzzards sitting in a tree waiting for me to die. None of them will talk or visit me.
My brother has not talked to me in over a year. He never went ginseng hunting with my dad or fishing like me.
All he did was look after his finances and that was my fault we really didn’t need him for that but that was the only way
I could get him to spend some time with our father. Winfred Gamble was a Great man, Never stole and tried to raise me with good morals
but he did make me homeless at a young age. And not one of our family members helped me.I was with Dad till the day he died just as I told my Mother I would be the night in Jesse Jones Hospital the last time I seen her alive. I made her a promise I would never let him go to a home. My brother and his wife was going to put him in a nursing home. I was injured and had to go threw three major surgeries while i did hospice for him.Plus I was a single Dad to my youngest son all at the same time. He made it threw high school now is doing good. His mother is a piece work stole $11,000 dollars of his social security back pay while i was in the hospital having a hip replacement. Money I could have used to raise him.
This is just your world and I am just passing threw.

God blessed the meek for they shall inherit the earth.


Posted by Terry Badger Gamble on Monday, March 16, 2020